Thursday, 14 November 2013

Egerton: Place Names and Shaws of Darwen Sinks

Continuing our heritage visits to the villages and towns that give their names to the Heavy Duty Fire Clay Sinks in our Original Collection, this month we look at the Mill Village of Egerton.

Early evidence of man in the Egerton area is shown by the Stone Circle on Chetham Close. The circle is thought to date from the early Bronze Age and is 1050 feet above sea level.

Stumps are all that remain of the circle today after a local farmer virtually demolished the near perfect 51 feet circle with a sledgehammer.

Egerton Village is located in North Bolton, just south of our Darwen factory. The village is named after the area’s former landlord, Sir Thomas Egerton, Baronet and was built by John and Edmund Ashworth in the 1830s when they set up their cotton mills.

The recreational facility at Egerton Park was given to the local community in the 19th century as a "thank you" to the mill workers for not striking whilst negotiating working conditions. The area is still used today by local Groups.

Rumour has it that Egerton was the birthplace of the current Bolton Wanderers Football Club, which started as Christ Church FC in 1874.

To find out more about what’s happening in Egerton and its history, click on the link below. 

These local places of interest are integral to our heritage and vital for our workforce. So if you’re after a genuinely world class English handmade sink for your kitchen, look no further than Shaws of Darwen, manufacturers of the World’s finest kitchen sinks.

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