Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Entwistle: Place Names and Shaws of Darwen Sinks

Our Original Collection heavy duty fireclay Sinks are characterised by superb craftsmanship and inspired design, some of which are unique to fireclay ceramics.

Manufactured in Darwen, Lancashire, the heritage of our Original Collection is reflected in the names we give our products today. These are carefully selected in tribute to the local communities and villages that make up our region and provide homes for our staff and their families.

For our Info Blog Series which reflects this, below are details for one of the local village places of interest our sinks are named after.

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Entwisle Kitchen Sink

Entwistle is a small ancient township (village) lying between the major Lancashire towns of Bolton, Darwen and Bury. Entwistle Hall, is the seat of the Entwistle family whose most famous former occupant was Sir Bertine Entwistle who is reported to have been knighted on the battlefield at Agincourt in 1415 by King Henry V.

Sir Bertine Entwistle was born at the Old Hall and built his New Hall on his return from Agincourt. The current Hall was rebuilt in the 1600s on the old site and was divided into three dwellings in 1657.

The Old Roman Road from Manchester to Ribchester runs through Entwistle going south to north past Pike House Farm at Whittlestone Head. The Bolton to Blackburn Turnpike built in 1797 runs along the Western boundary of Entwistle at Bull Hill.

Built in 1832, the Entwistle Reservoir was the highest in Britain at the time it was built at 108 feet high. It’s 360 feet long and has a capacity of 726 million gallons with a top water area of 94 acres.

Several Farms were lost when the Entwistle and Wayoh reservoirs were built, but a greater impact on the community came with the building of the railway in 1848. Three Thousand men, women and child workers were encamped in the area during the build, which involved the cutting of Cranberry Moss Tunnel, which is over one mile long from Whittlestone Head to just short of Darwen. The whole project, including the viaduct at Entwistle, took three years and three lives were lost.


These local places of interest are integral to our heritage and vital for our workforce. So if you’re after a genuinely world class English handmade sink for your kitchen, look no further than Shaws of Darwen, manufacturers of the World’s finest kitchen sinks.

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