Thursday, 20 March 2014


Having refined fireclay production over more than 117 years to an ‘art form’, each Shaws sink is individually hand-made, making them ‘simply the best in the world’. A true test of quality is to examine the finished product, admire the finish and feel the weight – no lightweight imitations from Shaws – just traditional quality built with ‘world-class’ manufacturing standards.

The combination of handcrafted skills and modern production techniques enable Shaws to deliver a high end product at the right price. There are many Shaws sinks which have, and continue to be installed, into some of the finest houses in the land. No self-respecting stately home is without its Shaws sinks, upstairs and downstairs!

“There are no short cuts in our manufacturing process” comments David Dare, Managing Director, Shaws of Darwen, “our fireclay has a finite time line during production and coupled with the latest manufacturing techniques, ensures our product’s authenticity and reaffirms our guarantee.”

Shaws of Darwen continue to find themselves in the unique position of knowing that there is a home for every sink they make, satisfied through their distributor network. The factory and the ingredients used are of the highest quality and the Company remains true to its founder’s wishes, every sink is perfect, individual and signed off by the craftsman who made it. Each sink is safely boxed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

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