Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Superb craftsmanship and inspired design are combined by Shaws of Darwen to create and produce our Original Collection of traditional and elegant fireclay ceramic sinks. Made in England, this Collection contains an array of original designs and details which are unique in fireclay ceramics.

Designed to look and feel cool to the touch and beautiful to look at, the Bowland 800 features a distinctive fluted front and is an ideal sink for spacious kitchens but if space is an issue, then the smaller Bowland 600 is for you. The traditionally styled ceramic Bowland is available in white and biscuit finishes, features include a 3-hole overflow and 3½” waste outlet suitable for basket strainer or waste disposer.

Having refined fireclay production over more than 114 years to an ‘art form’, each Shaws of Darwen sink is individually handcrafted, making them ‘simply the best in the world’. A true test of quality is to examine the finished product, admire the finish and feel the weight – no lightweight imitations from Shaws – just traditional quality with world-class manufacturing standards.

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